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ProAsyl/Flüchtlingsrat Essen e.V. is an initiative that offers help for refugees since 1991. Our development association is considered as specially eligible. We want to familiarize people with the situation of refugees and asylum seekers on an individual, social and political level. Our main goal is to provide assistance with individual cases for refugees and migrants. We are supported by volunteers in a close collaboration.

Our main office provides open consultation hours twice a week, furthermore individual appointments that are negotiable by phone. In addition to these services we provide consultation hours referring to the asylum procedure at the first-arrival-institution „EAE Overhammshof Essen“.

Become a sustaining member and support our work or get involved yourselves, help us at enlisting sponsorships!

Donations account:
ProAsyl/Flüchtlingsrat Essen e.V.
Sparkasse Essen
IBAN: DE14 360 5010 5000 1600 626

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