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The organization ProAsyl / Flüchtlichtsrat Essen e.V.

Who we are

Back in 1991 we joined as individual committed residents and initiatives, who speak up for the protection and humane treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.
The organization ProAsyl/Flüchtlingsrat Essen e.V. is a registered association, which is considered as charitable and eligible.
You can download our charter right here:

current charter (german) [ PDF ]

What we stand for

Asylum is a human right!

This is why asylum politics isn’t supposed to be frightening. We refuse party of the asylum law that lead to a situation where less people find shelter in Germany and we defend asylum as a basic and human right.

A humane, open and humanitarian society

Our main goal is to help refugees and migrants by giving individual consultations. We want to give people an understanding of the individual, societal and political position of the refugees and asylum seekers situation. ProAsyl/Flüchtlingsrat Essen e.V. wants to work against racist tendecies in our sociaty by spreading facts and organizing a societal opposition.

We demand

  • Abolishment of the custody pending deportation
  • Liquidation of massive camps in which refugees are accumulated
  • Equal treatment of refugees in terms of social help
  • Optimized conditions for integration
  • Easier access to flats, work and education
  • Abolishment of the residence law
  • Amnesty for people who live here “illegally”

This is why

  • We organize refugee conferences
  • Support campaigns about asylum politics
  • We initiate conventions and events
  • We support networking and committee work

What we provide

  • Consultations about foreign and asylum law for refugees who are in the asylum process
  • support with filling forms, writing letters or questions about interactions with authorities and agencies
  • Contact to doctors, lawyers, psychologists and other aid organizations
  • Cooperation with migrant organizations and other institutions and organizations that provide help for refugees, schools, sociocultural centres and so on